Sunday, February 26, 2012

White Taxidermy, Ghostly Dead Brides and a Hornet's Nest

I was playing around with the idea of using only albino or white taxidermy pieces and my two dead bride mannequins to create a ghostly look for my bedroom.
I like the way all of the white looks at night with just the light from the moon sneaking in the window.
I have a couple of vintage 1970s Hindsgaul mannequin torsos that actually have the same face, but are posed slightly differently. I put two of my favorite antique wedding dresses on them. The more tattered the better!
One is shattered silk and looks like mummy wrappings all hanging down.
The other dress was in good shape until my cat PD decided to use it as a toy.
I found a fabulous white coyote and he is perfect for the ghostly bedroom look.
Another recent find is the antique German clock case - sans clock face - which I use as a wonderfully tall pedestal. And it even has a little storage space inside where the door opens.
I have several other white birds that I will add to the bedroom once I finish this project.
A hornet's nest is the perfect wicked prop!
And of course, peacock feathers - one can never have too many!

Ghostly dreams!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Antique Wax Doll Heads, Dried Bats and Cat Skulls

I am always rearranging my collections in my living room. Here are my latest macabre finds ...

Lovely antique wax over composition doll head. She has quite a disturbing stare.
Antique leopard head peering out of a child's coffin with mourning statues in the background.
Ghostly antique mirror with death mask type head. And always, lots of peacock feathers!
My antique Victorian medical skeletons, Mr. Boney and Lizzie, along with a vintage werewolf mask from The Werewolf of London.
My cabinet of curiosities is quite crowded! The bats will be going to my booth this weekend.
One of my favorite things is my blow up "Scream" doll based on the Munch painting. I frequently feel just like how this thing looks :-)
Fun little muskrat in a dainty pose.
Moody painting of Laguna Canyon at twilight and lots of bats.
Mummified cat and faux severed hand in a box.
My dad's painting of the beach at Laguna and a collection of cat skulls.
The smallest cat skull is of a very young cat and has two sets of teeth in place where the permanent teeth were still growing in.
Grrr - Werewolf of London - love that widow's peak!
I hope your living room decor gives you great pleasure or even wonderful chills. Stop by my booth or website if you are looking for a little something to add a wicked vibe to your space!