Saturday, June 12, 2010

Antique Anatomy Charts and Other Strange Things

Greetings from the Parlor! Here are a few new fun things I have at my booth ...
1940s Frog Anatomy Chart

Strange vintage african genet cat.

Antique taxidermy bobcat and old gator heads.
Very early ventriloquist dolls - spooky!
Strange items in the case, including vintage plaster teeth and creepy doll heads.
Vintage taxidermy gator and antique goggles.
Old mourning photos and a suitably serious raccoon.
More vintage teeth.
Antique taxidermy doe head.
Very scary antique doll.
1920s beauty parlor chair - all original!
Early 1930s permanent wave machine - The Electrocutioner!
Has all its original parts, including all the bakelite bits.
Art Nouveau clock case - great to use as a vase.
Old laboratory bottles, antique baby head with crown and other fun things.
Please stop by and take a look!