Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Working on my Path

Well, there was a change in plans on my mosaic pathway. I had to take out several feet of the design due to a low spot. Gone are the mirror swirls! But not to worry, we decided to put some flagstone in to raise the level and then I'm mosaicing in between the bigger cracks in the stones and I'm liking how it is coming out. I will tie the flagstones into the mosaic path on our next flagstone-laying session. Ah, the never-ending project!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fairy Soap Box for Sale!

I'm listing a few of my antiques on ebay. If you like magical antiques, be sure to check out my latest listing - a wonderful antique Fairbanks Fairy Soap Box - the Christmas edition.

I just love the litho of the fairy - the colors are beautiful and the gold accents are stunning. I particularly like how the water stains give it an even better antique patina. You can click on the photo (below) to see it bigger.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pretty Little Things

Here are a few vingettes of some of my collections.
Ladies of the Art Nouveau era are a favorite of mine.

Lately I have been searching out beautiful antique frames and pairing them with photos of turn-of-the-century ladies, usually showgirls or other languid beauties.

I especially love antique frames with a nature motif. My sister Barbara gave me this one and it is my favorite! I found a beautiful picture of Evelyn Nesbit to put in it. Evelyn was the original Gibson Girl, but in this photo she looks like a woodland nymph.

Somehow the Victorian taxidermied birds fit in really well ...
And in my lavender bedroom, more of my favorite things.