Sunday, February 27, 2011

Antique Parlor Set with Original Upholsery

I am always fascinated by antiques that retain their original upholstery. It is very hard to find anything that hasn't been redone many times over the last one hundred years. Recently I found a lovely three-piece parlor set with the original mohair and satin damask upholstery! The upholstery design is the same as this old illustration from a Victorian catalog.

Beautiful old mohair that is muted like old velvet.
Pretty satin damask in contrasting colors (settee is peach, chair is green and extra wide chair is blue). The seats need to be recovered but that would be a pretty easy fix. I love the old gimp and decorative tacks!
Due to a lack of space, I am going to have to let this set go. So if you are in the Southern California area, this beautiful piece of original oak Victoriana is for sale! Please email if interested. My email button is on the right column.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cool Skulls

I sent one of my realistic skull replicas to my best friend Tinker and she made him right at home in her Atomic Universe. Her new skull looks very pleased to be cozying up to the fabulous Tink!
Click over to my website to get your own skull to pal around with!