Sunday, May 30, 2010

Antique Oddities

A little visit to my living room ...
Antique taxidermy form of a fox and albino deer head.
Another antique taxidermy form.
Taxidermy goose.
Flying goose - one of my all time favorites.
Old weathered skull.
Steampunk things.
Mummified frog under glass.
Death masks.
Victorian shore birds.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Little Shop of Horrors

My dad calls my booth the Little Shop of Horrors. Here is the lastest from that spooky little place ....
Mattie, a favorite haunted doll, next to an antique photo of a graveyard.
Various spooky old dolls, including a metal-head Minerva named Ruby from haunted Atchison, Kansas.
Old copper gas pump nozzles - they have a wonderful sculptural quality to them.
Black forest towel rack with original antique velvet and old wavy glass.
Edwardian print of a mysterious lady - the eyes follow you around the room! Also a life/death mask of a lady from the 1930s - created by a forensic doctor trying to recreate the face of a lady that died tragically.
Antique beauty shop chair with wonderful original patina.
Antique yacht light, gorgeous old copper with a wonderful patina and a mirrored surface inside. Sooooo fabulous!
Vintage trouble light next to a boar's skull.
Antique clock dial with lovely age to it.
Vintage taxidermy bobcat - fierce!
Antique doll's head with old dark goggles.
Antique doll and collection of black amethyst glass.
Antique Bubbles doll head with crown "Queen of Flora."
Glow in the dark ouija board and coyote skull.
Mad scientist's beakers, potion bottles and wonderful antique projector.
Antique photo of funeral in the parlor.