Sunday, June 19, 2011

Haunted House Decor

Here are some vignettes from my house. I like to surround myself with things of a ghostly nature. I call it haunted house decor! I recently put this curio cabinet in my living room after "ebonizing" it - with a light coat of black paint. I like to have some nice black accents in my living room, but it is not all black as one might imagine. I tend towards more of the brown tones, with touches of black and other colors. Here is one of my vintage mannequin torsos with an antique wedding dress of perfectly shattered silk - all hanging in tatters like wraith from a tomb.I like these eerie pale parian statues of mourning ladies and this creepy, taxidermied eel that looks a bit like one of the sand worms from Beetlejuice.I recently purchased several items from a man with a great collection of curiosities. One of these pieces was this giraffe leg and a strange taxiermy cat.

My favorite thing of all is my antique medical skeleton, Lizzie. Skeletons make nice, quiet company! Lizzie likes to be surrounded with peacock feathers and her kitty.

Here is my seance table with a strange plaster head and a crystal ball from Marie Laveau's granddaughter's estate. I love the tattered upholstery on this settee, like it is straight from some old forgotten mansion.

I like this shot with the deer heads on the wall reflected in the mirror.

Ghostly fun!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Haunted Antiques

Victorian 1890s antique coffin with ghost! As soon as I brought this beauty home, things started flying off the shelves! And then when I brought it to The Old Barn Antiques Mall it wasn't there for more than a few nights, when the overhead light in my booth not only fell to the ground for no good reason, but it landed several feet away from where you would think it would land - upside down without breaking the lights! We were all kind of amazed by the whole thing and now there's talk at the Barn of not only their resident ghost, Esmeralda, but now the ghost of the haunted coffin!

Just like that new show, Haunted Collector where John Zaffis goes around investigating hauntings to see if they are caused by a possessed possession!
I have always been drawn to items with that certain "vibe" to them, so I wouldn't be surprised if there were more ghosts to be found amongst the things I have for sale! Especially lovely old things like this hair wreath and funeral photos.

I have some great items in now for your cabinet of curiosities - a movie prop mummified head, great mad scientist bottles, antique syringes and vintage embalming bottles.

"Gaff" shrunken heads under glass, an albino squirrel and a cat skull used in New Orleans voodoo ceremonies!

An albino muskrat, a very strange old wax doll and an antique coffin catalogue.

Wax death max from New Orleans, creepy old ventriloquist dolls - a "Quiet Please" sign from a funeral home.

A plethora of dolls to give you nightmares ...

Antique ouija boards, death masks and a scary movie prop head.

Victorian undertaker's cooling table with items in bins for my crafy clients. Old bones, rusty things, beads and buttons.

Potion bottles, funeral urns and a nicely framed piranha.

A very large framed certificate for a course in dissection and a lovely antique wax orange blossom bridal headpiece.

My jewelry cases are full of wonderfully strange thing to wear!

Stop by and meet the ghost!

Monday, June 6, 2011

New Antiques and Oddities at Pandora's Parlor

New arrivals at Pandora's Parlor and I have expanded into a second booth!
I should be all set up by next weekend, but here is a sneak peak of what I have so far ...

Cabinets of curiosities ...

A Victorian medical teaching skeleton - Mr. Boney ...

Crystal balls, crows and funeral urns ...

These bronze funeral urns are especially beautiful.

Taxidermy coyote heads - a black coyote and a regular one.

A ghostly mannequin lady in an 1890s coffin ...

A huge theatrical poster of Eclipse just above the Victorian cooling table ...

Fun hats, from Odd Fellows ceremonial helmets, to monster hats ...

A grand poo-bah style Odd Fellows hat and a lovely antique top hat ...

Come by and take a look! Next weekend I will be adding more :-)