Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New HUGE Black Cat Paintings at Pandora's Parlor

A couple of new black cat paintings at the Parlor.  A nice big closeup of a black cat's face as you first walk into the booth, surrounded by antique funeral vases and my goth mannequin lady.
And a couple of paintings of my black cat Morticia that I had in the shop window are now on display inside the Parlor.
I like to paint the black cats against a golden background and the black and gold combo works very nicely with the macabre, gothic interior style.  If you are interested in any of these paintings, just send me an email so I can give you the prices.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Rubber Monster Heads, Antique Circus Bear and Prosthetic Eye Curio

Be sure to stop by The Old Barn Antique Mall for all the latest fun things I have at my booth.
The cheerful horse skull will welcome you ...
  I have some lovely lab glass, antique embalming bottles and smiling teeth displays.
 Lots of macabre photos of funerals and the dear departed in coffins.  Strange hoof ashtray and letter holder, along with herbal potion bottles.
Medical monstrosity stereoview cards ...
A very charming antique paper mache circus bear with original leather halter ...
New black cat paintings and skull nail art on old rustic boards ...
A very special item - antique prosthetic eye in antique frame - a curio made by the lovely Madame Talbot herself.
 And finally some really fun rubber monster heads in great neon colors!  If you see anything you like, just send me an email to and I can give you more details.