Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weird Art and the Gypsy Den

Another fun day filled with art! My dad is an artist and he suggested we run over and catch the exhibit at the Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana. Dad has a great sense of humor and a love for unusal things, so the Basil Wolverton show was just the thing!

Check out this lady - nice hairdo!

Mom came too even though weird art is not exactly her thing - LOL

We enjoyed the exhibit and had a fun lunch at the Gypsy Den - a wonderful little cafe right next door to Grand Central Art Center.

And saw some very cool things at the Art Center's bookstore/shop.

I liked these little wiggly guys - such energy!

Right across the courtyard is The Art Bar! I'm going to take a class there on November 9th, another Lisa Guerin class. So now I know where I'm going :-) Look at that fabulous old building!!
Such a fun day! Too bad everyday can't be an art adventure with my favorite people :-)

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tink said...

Looks like a FABULOUS show, Sis!! What a magical day you had! Love that little cafe!!!