Monday, October 1, 2007


I had all kinds of fun on my birthday evening ~ it was a magical night! I dove headfirst into a pile of wonderful papers and the result was this fun conical hat for my decrepit doll head.

Normally, I like the fact that this doll head has cranium problems (as in the top is removable), but for the Pugtoberfest show I thought it might be best to disguise this flaw a bit with a nice hat. So I got out some fun Anna Griffin black and white paper and a strange and unusual cartouche, along with a cute vintage picture of a pug and fabulous tarnished tinsel trim and went to work.

Now my doll head is ready to model my jewelry and hang out with the other doll heads at the show.

Speaking of doll heads, I got a fabulous one from Petals and Greens Cottage in Old Town Tustin weekend before last. It is the one on the right, below.

It was a must-have buy along with the lovely crown it wears made by Petals and Greens proprietress Sheryl. She makes gorgeous paper crowns and her sister Dianne makes wonderful beaded ones. Dianne is one of the featured artists in my new favorite book Crowns and Tiaras by Kerri Judd and Danyel Montecinos. You can buy the book at Petals and Greens Cottage and also on I feel a crown making frenzy coming on! Once Pugtoberfest is over, there will be no stopping me : - )

Another fun thing I have been working on are these charm bracelets with vintage soldered art images.

I am having a great time using antique buttons and some gorgeous beads I found at the Third Eye and Beyond bead shop in San Clemente. I am hooked on using old buttons in my jewelry now! They add the perfect vintage touch to go along with the old photos.


Donna O'Brien said...

Love everything pictured!!! Can I shop in your house??

Pandora said...

Only if I can shop at your house! LOL Thanks so much!

dede warren said...

Hey you, look at my blog banner... it features your newest acquisition from Petals and Greens. Don't you love that shoppe?! So glad o know she has a special home with you, in your magical studio.

Lilli said...

I like it! I haven't made glass jewelry in years, but I did love it :)