Monday, October 29, 2007

Monster Fun!

We had a monstrously good time Saturday night when my sister Nancy treated a group of us to tickets to Pageant of the Monsters in Laguna Beach.

Held in the Festival of the Arts area, this spooky Halloween event takes you on a tour backstage at the Pageant of the Masters theatre where famous and infamous characters act out scenes and ghouls jump out to scare you! My favorites were the statues that were not really statues at all, but people painted and posed to look like statues! They were so real that it was amazing. After wandering around in the backstage area and seeing a s̩ance with flying ghosts and other great things, we ended up in the outdoor theatre area and sat under the stars to watch the Phantom of the Opera part of the show. It was a lovely night and I could have sat out there for hours Рit was magical!

We also had dinner at Cedar Creek Inn – yum! We got a table in a little section of the restaurant that featured a stained glass window that looked out on Forest Avenue in Laguna Beach. If you’ve never been to this corner of the world, it is really a special place to come visit. We lived in Laguna Beach when I was a kid – Dad is a painter and had a studio there for a couple of years. Laguna is such a magical place! Thank you Nancy for a fun night in one of my favorite towns : - )

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Michelle Frae Cummings said...

I love cedar creek!
I'm gonna try to go to the pagent of the monster next year as well as gather up a posse for the haunted queen mary. I went last year and had a blast, I'm quite the screamer. But I phyched my self out to much this year for fear of going plus it would have been myself and one other person. Not enough people to hide behind!