Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Pug Kisses

I received a wonderful email from my web guru Lisa Las Vegas the other day. Lisa is the one that puts all my graphics and elements together on my website. She is the Goddess of HTML! Anyway, she sent me the following email, which I just loved!

"I have to tell you …
Today I was in my front yard watering my flowers and not paying much attention to anything when I felt a lick-lick-lick on my foot. I looked down to find a very noisy and extremely cute little pug. The Pug and it's friend, a little Beagle --broke out from their fenced in yard and were out for an adventure. I immediately scrambled for leashes and a bowl for water and started making phone calls and walking them through the neighborhood trying to find their home. I had no luck...took them to the local vet to be scanned for micro chips--no luck. Rob and I were about to bring them back home when we decided to drive around a couple surrounding neighborhoods with the dogs in the car. We found a teenager and asked him if he knew the dogs. He said they were his friends dogs. So we followed him while he rode his bike a mile away and we gave the dogs to the owners who were very happy and relieved. This was my first experience with a pug. I can see why you make designs that include Pugs with angel wings and such. Because this little girl (that I now know is named Lucy) was a perfect angel. She licked my face while I held her in the car and we became instant friends. ;-) Both dogs were so nice and good friends to one another. ;-) "
Isn’t that great? What a fun story. Thanks for sending it Lisa!


Anonymous said...

Yes, great story (and I'm confessing, I'm not a dog person!)

Anonymous said...

Oh I adore Dog and Cat angles! They are some of the best angles on earth!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh just saw your Pugtoberfest info.
How hilarious! Love that word, and what FUN to be a part of the magic!
Hope you sell everything!