Friday, November 4, 2011

Furball Friday

I'm jumping on the Wild Thing bandwagon and celebrating Furball Friday here at the Parlor! Some of my furballs are living and some are in sweet repose.

Pandora with the beautiful green eyes.
 Buster and me - where is Jenny Craig when we need her?!!
Victorian taxidermy cat - eerie!
Taxidermy Carcal cat.
Spooky eyes on this one.
OK - a definite lack of fur on this former furball. Took Jenny Craig too far ...
Cats with spots. Victorian mystery cat.

And finally my lovely bobcat.
Happy furball Friday to you all!

1 comment:

Air Bohemia said...

HA HA HA...I was just closing down my computer and glanced over to my sidebar...what a surprise!!! Glad to see lil' Pandora is doing heathen is at the vet today getting a dental, boy is my house empty...AND QUIET!!!

I've been having soooo much fun over on Pinterest, I'm not getting any sleep, my new addiction...but I'm so bored with the decorating trends these days, I'm starting to feel more at home with the Bohemian style...and our FREAKY stuff fits right in!!! LOVE the cat corpse...I had to laugh yesterday at a woman that came into the shop and said...those crows are creepy...hey, whattabout the skulls and skeletons and brain soaps...GEESH...can't a girl just have fun!!!

Glad ya stopped by...LOL!!!

Hugs sista!!!