Saturday, October 22, 2011

Decayed Elegance

I came across this whimsical little film from Mulberry with the most enchanting interior.

It has the look of an old mansion being invaded by the woodland, very much like Wild Thing Sharon's post this week on her Air Bohemia blog, Feral.
I have always loved the look of crumbling plaster, old weathered floors ...

Elegant old stairways leading to adandoned rooms ...

A perfectly decrepit place where you could just move in your curious collections and be right at home with the past.

I once took a tour of an old mansion that was for sale in Virginia and it hadn't been lived in for over 40 years. There was one layer of old magnolia wallpaper that was peeling off in the parlor and everything was original in this 1840s house. The realtor was going on and on about how it could be fixed up and my husband said to him "You would be surprised at how little she would do to this place!" He knows me so well :-)


A Wild Thing said...

I know, my brother is dying to repair my plaster-less know me well girl, I could move in at the tip of a hat...don't they just make ya drool!!!

Thanks for the mention too...I have a young man that comes into the store all the time who wants to be a mortician and collects mortuary stuff...guess where I sent him...ah huh!!! He'll freak out at all your great stuff...he's buying a skull next week...loves the crows too!!!

Gonna go back and drool over the rooms...I ordered that book you recommended, Interior Alchemy, can't wait...gotta go unwrap more skulls...ha!!!


trickortreat said...

Those pictures really convey an air of spooky neglect and mystery. I most especially love the photos of the 2 staircases.