Saturday, November 5, 2011

Antique Victorian Real Human Medical Skeleton for Sale

I have just listed the most amazing antique Victorian articulated skeleton to my website!
Just look at the wonderful patina to his old bones and the beautiful old brass hardware.
So hard to find such a nice Victorian full-sized man's skellie!
Mr. Boney is wonderful, quiet company and is always cheerful :-)


Air Bohemia said...

I can't believe you're parting with Mr. Boney...but hey, that's what our biz is all about, we play with our toys, then we share with others.

I have a lil' friend that comes into our store, he's 18 years old and wants to be a mortician, I turned him on to your blog...HE LOVES IT and drools over it every day! We were swamped yesterday, so I guess there's a lotta peeps moving over to the dark side...ha!!!

Have a great Sunday sista!!!


Vintage Seance said...

I saw your booth at the Old Barn Antique Mall in Capo today and thought is was totally fantastic! Wonderful!