Monday, October 3, 2011

Very Swampy Electric Visual Photo Shoot

The guys from Electric Visual (cool sunglasses, backpacks and such) saw my booth at the Old Barn and asked if they could rent out my living room to use for a photo shoot of items for their Spring 2012 catalog. Their concept was kind of a "True Blood" Louisiana swampy kind of thing. Like a back water cabin with old hunting things. So I brought home some of my stuffed alligators and skulls and they got to work.

They shot a lot of film in the house with my various props and then they discovered my husband's 1957 International truck out front and spent time setting up shots of their products in the cab and bed of his truck. I really enjoyed seeing the process of how a photo shoot is done.

I couldn't wait to see the finished catalog and finally a couple of copies arrived and guess what? The truck pictures were the main focus and only three shots were used with "my" props. One picture of ball caps and an out-of-focus stuffed gator in the background, one closeup of some tattered upholstery, and one leg from my albino racoon. LOL Well, you can imagine the fun my husband had with that! He wouldn't shut up about it all day. Oh well, at least I got a nice paycheck and it was fun watching the photo shoot and the guys from Electric Visual are really cool. Oh and the catalog is really well designed. It seems they ended up going with more of the textural pictures, not the literal ones and it was a good choice. They send me a CD of all the pictures, so here are some of the outtakes from the photo shoot.

One of the ideas was to shoot the wall of deer heads with dramatic up-lit shadows.

Mr Boney and a shot taken into the old ghostly mirror.

Even the raccoon head looks menacing with that uplighting.

Some skulls bleaching in the backyard.

The stuffed gator - the only star of the finished catalog besides my husband's old truck :-)

Edith, the albino raccoon got her moment in the spotlight. Even if she only has a leg showing in the printed catalog :-)

I liked the frog on the belts.

And finally, the famous truck cab where all the action ended up in the printed catalog.

And my happy husband, who got a new pair of sunglasses out of the deal.

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A Wild Thing said...

What the truck too...ha...but you know me, I'm all about the taxidermy!!!

My shop was in one of the demo shorts the 'Pickers' shot before Hollywood chose their format...and believe me, it's all Hollywood, I know the guys...can you say STAGED!!!