Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ahh! Summer Vacation!

Finally a week off! I am thoroughly enjoying my summer vacation : - ) I’ve been busy as a bee working on lots of projects. I’m continuing my mosaic walkway out front and I should be able to finish that in August when I have another week off. I have 83 hours in on it so far (gasp!) But after this week I feel that I have made great progress on it and am thrilled that there is an end in sight!
I have also been working on our outdoor fireplace using broken mirror on the inside to reflect the flames. The effect is so magical, but so hard to photograph! To get the full effect, you will just have to drop by some evening and see for yourself : - )

There is a mosaic swirl at the top of the broken mirror.

And finally, I recently ordered a fabulous mosaic piece from a very talented mosaic artist in Florida, Andree Le Blanc of Lagniappe Mosaic. She makes mirror and stained glass wind chimes that she calls Yalahas – and she is making a custom one for my front garden!

Check out her website to see how beautiful these things are!


Heather said...

WOW....this is all so amazing! What a beautiful home you have!~

Anonymous said...

Dear Pandora,
It was lovely of you to visit! Your walkway and fireplace are impressive.
You are the only artist I have met that has accounted for the hours put in. People that are not artist have no IDEA. Even most artists loose all track of time.

I like the wave action on your walkway. The mirrors in a fireplace seems like magic. Will the mirrors change with the fire?

All for now sugarbabes.
Enjoy your holidays. YOU deserve them!!


Melissa Stinson said...

Your mosaic path is simply amazing- I can only imagine how beautiful it will be when it's finished! It must make you smile to see it every day. :-)

cconz said...

pandora, i was going to ask you what your summer mosaic project was. but, alas, there it is. It's gorgous!! i know alot of work also. i still kind of hurt all over from my 2 days of cutting 1/2 inch squares.I like thr colorful wavey look next to the drive way. fabulous girl.

Unknown said...

Just curious what you use as the base to hold your mosaic pathway together? Do you use mortar or .....
Thank you kindly in advance
Your home is quite lovely