Saturday, December 8, 2007


Here are some fun blasts from the past. That's Grandpa and my cousins and all of Grandpa's pugs! Somewhere in there is Ringo - he ended up being our puggie.
Here is a picture of Ringo and me at our house in Laguna Beach - circa 1960s.

And hey, I've been tagged! Michelle of Faerie Dust Dreams has tagged me to tell you five random things about myself. So here they are!
1. I have dreams of tidal waves
2. I bought my car for $1,600
3. I make really great cheddar cheese and pine nut tamales
4. I love old, creepy looking houses
5. My husband makes me laugh A LOT
Now I'm supposed to tag seven other people, so tag - you're it! Tink of Tinker's Witch Crafts, Donna of The Ribboned Crown, Goodboy Norman Featherstone the pug, Susan - mom of Truman Capote Monster pug, Michelle the Mosaic Queen, Dede of Dream Create Share, and Constance Rochambeau.


Melissa & Emmitt said...

I LOVE your family pictures! They are really special! Thank you for sharing them. I also really enjoyed reading your 5 random things. Very cool! I have tidal wave dreams too.

Truman Capote Monster Pug said...

OMG!!!!! What wonderful photographs! I do see that you were "pugged" at an early age! Love, Susan and TCMP in Hoboken, NJ

oldflowers4me said...

oh you had a pug when you where little- lucky you.

Page said...

Oh, I want seven or eight pugs in my lap!! How fun that you grew up with them! I had a tidal wave dream once about a year ago and still remember it to this day.