Monday, November 12, 2012

Antique New Orleans Voodoo Doll, a Mummified Cat and Antique Dead Santa Costume

Just in time for your holiday shopping!
An antique Dead Santa costume for you to wear whilst giving out your holiday gifts, and might I recommend an antique New Orleans Voodoo Doll or possibly a partial mummified cat? As in partial cat, not partially mummified - eeewww.
 The perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for person ... an antique New Orleans Voodoo Doll!
Very old, probably dates from the 1930s.  This creepy doll is made from some kind of organic material, maybe dried apples?  If you lean in close (if you dare!) he has the faint scent of apples.  Or maybe that is just a left-over smell from the last curse that he was used for.
Black pins for eyes and a very stylish suit, the perfect stocking stuffer!  You can find him on my website here.
And for the cat lover on your list, a partial mummified cat.
This little kitty has tons of personality!
A face only a mother could love :-)  You can find him here on my website.
And last but not least, the perfect Santa costume for a very jolly holiday!  This antique Santa costume is a bit on the morbid side.  Santa appears to have crossed over to a very dark side.
Comes with a Santa jacket of the most lovely antique red and white fabric and the Dead Santa mask which is a hand-painted mesh mask with a white hood.  Very realistic hair for the beard.  Who knows, maybe it is really Santa's hair!  Good God, this is a weird item.  Don't miss out on it, you can buy it here on my website.

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A Wild Thing said...

You just get the best stuff, coulda used that voodoo doll a few years ago...problem!