Sunday, June 3, 2012

Loved to Death in San Francisco and The Columbarium

On a recent trip to San Francisco with my sister Barbara, we had fun visiting all the macabre places we could find.  Of course a stop in "Loved to Death" in the Haight Ashbury section of town was on our list!

I saw an promo ad on the Science Channel last night whilst watching Oddities and Loved to Death is going to have a new show!  Called Oddities San Francisco, it is by the same producers as the original Oddities show.  Can't wait to see it!

The shop doesn't allow you to take any photos of the inside, but I did snap a few shots of the amazing old building it is in.
 They have a gallery in the upstairs part with really great, goth-style art.
 A blue velvet coffin in the window!
Next, we went to see the Columbarium - a very spooky place!  It was originally the Odd Fellows Columbarium and used to be surrounded by acres and acres of graves, which were later dug up and moved.
Barbara and I loved the Coumbarium and were given a tour by the caretaker, Emmitt Watson.  Emmitt told us amazing stories about the history of the place and the resident ghosts.



 The place had a great vibe and Emmitt was playing some lovely jazz music.  A nice place to take a long eternal rest.

San Francisco was great!


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Patriotic Lapel Pins said...
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Mya.L said...

Loved to Death was just a small concession part of a flower/vintage shop when I visited San Francisco 3 years ago, it's amazing how they've developed and grown. I can't believe I missed that incredible columbarium though - where in SF is it?