Monday, April 16, 2012

Spooky Vintage Burial Suit from Funeral Home

Nice, creepy find! A 1940s era Burial Suit, straight from an old funeral home.
Wonderful for any macabre collection, especially all of my funeral home/embalming items fans.
This vintage man's burial suit is split up the back for ease in putting on the body.
There are no real pants, just the bottom of the pant legs for viewing purposes.
Lovely details ...
This suit is attached to its original box bottom so it can be displayed nicely. Don't miss out on this amazing macabre item! It is available on my website here.


Diane said...

Cool , but creepy. Hopefully this one was never used! LOL!


A Wild Thing said...

Hey always find the best stuff, what an unusual find, never even thought of this application before...SWEET!!!