Thursday, January 19, 2012

Antique Embalming Instruments and Other Cheerful Things

I spent a good portion of last weekend totally revamping my booth at the Old Barn Antique Mall, adding lots of great new items.
I set up my Freak Show cases with a display of antique embalming instruments, from a Victorian home embalming kit, to a 1930s embalming pump.
Lots of goodies for the macabre-inclined!
Antique Uranium glass that glows eerily in the dark, along with a glow-in-the-dark Ouija board.
Lots of great vintage medical lab glass.
And last but not least, the lovely Rheanna from the Old Barn has totally transformed my jewelry cases into a treasure trove of unearthly delights!
Stop by for a spell!


Air Bohemia said...

WOWZA...what a playground, good to have ya back...LOVE the hyena!!! So much eye candy, I don't know where to begin! Is that the Count's hand...LOL, girl, you are too much!!!


Paige said...

I am currently interning at a museum, and came across two Victorian Gleason cooling tables. Check them out, very cool and in great condition!

All aspects of Victorian mourning and embalming are so interestingly creepy!


dgm said...

Just saw your booth at the Old Barn Antique Mall. Fascinating and awesome!