Sunday, December 19, 2010

Antiques and Odd Fellows

I love old Masonic and Odd Fellows items. I have a nice collection of these fraternal oddities at my booth right now.
An amazing antique velvet ceremonial costume with the Odd Fellows All Seeing Eye on the front.
An antique Odd Fellows Egyptian costume with a strange little taxidermy lion
next to it.A perfect victorian coffin-shaped plant stand.
As always, skulls and more skulls.
Eerie antique anatomical images on pendants. Give the heart to the one you love!
Edgar Allen Poe and his raven.
Antique ouija boards and Carole Lombard with her black cat.
Stop by the Parlor to find the perfect Holiday gift for that special someone on your list!

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Sweet Repose-Junk Revival said...

...and why does California have to be on the other side of the universe, I'm afraid we'd become fast friends and my canceled checks would prove it...ha!

I'll have one of everything please!!!