Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday's Mosaics

More progress on the neverending mosaic pathway. The last two days have been slow going, with lots of little fiddly bits to deal with. But I think it will be easier going tomorrow because I have some open areas where I can slap down some big pieces of tile.

My dad said that now I know how the guy that built the Watts Towers feels! He's right!


Laurennnn said...

Wow so intricate! AMAZING!

How you have the patience for that, I'll never understand!

Laume said...

This is so beautiful. Quick question, or two, from a woman who failed to make mosaic stepping stones that stayed together. Okay, so left them outside before I got the grout in, THAT might have been part of the problem. Moving on...

Is this mosaic on top of a tile or cement surface? I can't tell from the photo. And when it's all done and grouted, will it be sealed too? Will it be strong enough to be walked upon or will you forever be reminding people not to walk over it. I have an old funky courtyard and lots of old tiles, although some of them aren't outdoor tile. I'd love to use them to make a mosaic pattern (larger pieces than you're doing!) but I don't want to put work into something that will crumble or loosen in the first winter. Again, your design is completely whimsical and lovely!

Pandora said...

Thanks for the nice words Laume! My mosaic pathway has a cement base to it, which my husband layed out for me and I use an outdoor mastic to stick the tile bits and pieces down with. Then I let that dry for a day and then grout it with sanded grout. I buy both the mastic and the grout at Home Depot. The mastic is Flexbond and I buy it in grey to come close to my grout color which is Polyblend Sanded Grount in New Taupe. I see you live in Northern CA and if you get snow, then you might want to add some acrylic liquid medium to your mastic and grout mixes so things don't crack during the freeze/thaw cycle. I don't know a lot about that part of it since I work here in sunny Southern CA! There is info on that in most mosaic books. My pathway is super strong and I have to encourage people to walk on it as they tend to walk around it so they don't "ruin" it. I started this pathway 3 years ago and the older parts are in perfect shape, so I believe it will last for a long time. I totally encourage you to create one of your own! It takes a lot of time, but is really fun and worthwhile!

Cat (darklingwoods) said...

completely inspiring!

Lola Enchanted said...

You can come over and do that here!!!

{{hee hee}}

Karen from A`Musements said...

Your path (your ART) is incredible!!! You have the patience of a SAINT, but then of course, you must already know all of that.... What a beautiful, beautiful piece. I wish I could see it in person; the colors must be even more breathtaking standing there... Just amazing!

Melissa said...

BEAUTIFUL!! Can't wait to see it finished. A true labor of LOVE.

Marilyn Radzat said...

oh my gosh...! This is fabulous!!! So inspiring!
I've been wanting to do this for years....just never got started. :) 3 years you've been working on this?
Wow! I will keep coming back for updates.

Sarah A said...

Omg this is so awesome. I love the colors and the swirly pattern ..

rochambeau said...

Looking Great!
You go girl!!
It's great seeing your works in progress!!