Saturday, January 12, 2008

I absolutely LOVE old photos - especially ones from the Victorian era. And antique photos with pugs in them - my favorites!! So imagine my delight when I came across this new book with photos of the Royal family and their pets! It is called Noble Hounds and Dear Companions - The Royal Photograph Collection by Sophie Gordon.
Queen Victorian was well known for her pugs and many of those pugs are featured in this book!
This book is a treasure trove of wonderful photos!

A quote from the book ...With the advent of photography, proud owners could record their favorite pets at work, rest and play. In this book, dogs take center stage - riding in carriages, on board the royal yacht, on guard duty at Windsor Castle and in the arms of monarchs, consorts, princes and princesses. There are pugs and Pomeranians, dachshunds and greyhounds, spaniels and Labradors ...

My favorite thing about this charming book is the look of love on the Royal family's faces as they pose with their best friends!

This book is a must have for all dog lovers!


Truman Capote Monster Pug said...

Thank you so much for sharing these amazing photos with us!

rochambeau said...

What a great "find" Pandora!
Dogs (Puggies) take the "Royal" center stage! And, rightfully so!!
In case you haven't realized.....I love doggies too!
This post makes me smile!
Have you seen Stephanie's puggie "strikin" a blog pose the past two days?

Sending smiles.

Melissa & Emmitt said...

What a great find! Thank you so much for sharing this book! Isn't it funny people are the same throughout history? I love that!
Melissa and Emmitt

Designs by CK said...


I found your delightful blog through Kimberlee's.

WOW wonderful vintage photos and beautiful sketches by your Dad!

PS: If you don't mind ~ I will link you on mine?! '-)

Best regards,

Designs by CK said...

Hi Diane,

Thanks for stopping by my blog & the lovely compliment on my artwork!

Ditto & I will be back too! '-)

PS: Thanks for the link!

Chris :)

Michelle said...

love those old photo's!

we should chat on a good date for some crafting!

Punchbugpug said...

That book looks amazing. I love old photos too. I have luckily been given many of my family sepia photos over the years. At one point I told my husband I wanted to collect pug & people old photos, but they are hard to find. The book might fill the bill!

Page said...

What a cool book...thanks for telling us about it! said...

OKay, these photos are the best ever!!! Oh that shot of all those ladies and men! Tooo wonderful! ANd, I adore Victorian everything! FAB!! A must have!

carlene federer said...

OMGosh, that book looks just like my cup of tea, lol!
Thanx for sharing, am off to order a copy right now, cuz I "need" it, ha!

Sandra Evertson said...

What a great book this looks like, some really amazing photos of them in it!
Sandra Evertson

Lady Lavona said...

I really enjoy stopping by to read your blog! So I thought I should say a formal "Hello!" I've added you to my blog roll...stop by for a visit sometime. Happy New year! xo Lady Lavona

Nevis said...

Wow! That was totally awesome!

Libby Buttons said...

Im def getting this for my bestfriend for Christmas! Thanks for the tip!