Thursday, September 27, 2007

All Hallow's Eve Approaches!

And to get in that Halloween mood, I have some pictures of my favorite shop, Gothic Rose Antiques! The owner, Crystal, just moved her treasures to a new store in Placerville, California. I will need to take a road trip up north so I can see it all in person!

Crystal is the queen of the macabre and a super nice person besides. I have several of her things in my house and studio - one of which is my antique coffin!

If you are ever in the Placerville area, be sure to stop by her shop - it is a feast for the eye and imagination! And of course you can keep up with her unique finds online at her website, Gothic Rose Antiques. And don't miss seeing Crystal at Halloween and Vine this weekend!! Unpleasant dreams!


Ulla said...

I LOVE Crystals things, and am sad to hear she has left Petaluma! You have a casket? How cool is that? I once designed a jewelry case for a dear friend of mine in the shape of a casket, she nixed the idea although we both loved it - thought it might scare customers away rather than keep them...

Ulla said...


Diane Armitage said...

Thanks Ulla! I am honored that the blogger QUEEN was the first to post here! LOL Have a great time at Halloween and Vine this weekend!

Donna O'Brien said...

Hi Diane!!! First of all, Happy Birthday to you as I see Ulla spilled the beans. Welcome to the world of blogging! I took a quick peek and see that I will be visiting often.
Your photos are wonderful as you are in the Halloween "spirit". It is the best holiday to display and shop for isn't it??
Unpleasant Dreams? Good one!!